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  • AK-47 Shin Guards
  • AK-47 Shin Guards
  • AK-47 Shin Guards
  • AK-47 Shin Guards


AK-47 Shin Guards

$ 39.99 $ 59.99

Large/ XL


The AK-47 shin guard’s feature a full neoprene back design that eliminates movement keeping your shin and foot protected in any training situation. Our shin pads have several unique features:

1. We perforated the kicking pad and the neoprene back to reduce weight and increase breathability. The micro perforations allow for more airflow and more performance. It also reduces the weight of the shin pad by 5%.

2. To increase the structural integrity we removed the middle seem going down the back of the neoprene. Thus making a significantly stronger one-piece back rather than the traditional two-piece that is sewn together.

3. X2 Stitching: Each stress point has been double stitched and reinforced to withstand the punishment so you can be “Ready for Combat”.

Available in two sizes: “Small/Medium” and “Large/X-large”

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